Takarung, the Core Shield

The Shield of Steelfist



Resilience (recharge 11+): When you make a basic melee attack, heal using a recovery.


History: Takarung was one of the mythical arms that the Champion carried into combat during the Orcish wars of the Third Age. It was recovered from his body in the aftermath of his battle with the Orc Lord, and went on to be used by many other warriors of Steelfist’s bloodline.

However, it was sealed away along with Glaezentorg after the axe fell under the curse of bloodlust. It was unknown if the shield carried the curse, but the Dwarf King of the Age felt that it was better safe than sorry. It was later unsealed in the 13th Age so that it could be used by Norn Steelfist, the shield’s rightful bearer.

However, the shield was stolen while being transported to Norn by the Dwarven heretic Stonehammer. Norn and his allies had to track the traitor to an old lighthouse on the edge of the Midland Sea, where the shield was taken back during a battle with Stonehammer.

Personality: Takarung is part of Steelfist’s Raiment, and as such is fairly similar to Glaezentorg. It too chants during battle with age-old dwarven foes, and harmonizes perfectly with the axe.

Takarung, the Core Shield

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