Captain Hyrum Chuckman

Throws pillars at dragons. All you need to know.


Captain Hyrum Chuckman was born in Axis, the capitol of the Dragon Empire. He earned his title in several wars that the Dragon Empire fought to stave off the numerous threats against it, primarily through the prodigious talent for throwing things that he discovered in all of his life or death battles.

His promotion to Captain of the Guard at the Boltstrike Pillar was supposed to be a retirement of sorts, a low-key job where Chuckman wouldn’t have to work too hard after all the crap he endured. After all, who would be stupid enough to attack one of the most magically fortified locations in the Empire, right?

Chuckman played a key role in the Battle of Boltstrike Pillar, managed to cripple the Blue Dragon that was attacking the tower by throwing a marble column at its wing. The dragon’s attack had seriously wounded him, though, and he might have died if not for the healing magic of Norn Steelfist.

Captain Chuckman returned to active duty after recovering. The group will probably run into him again at some point.

Captain Hyrum Chuckman

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