Thirteenth Cataclysm

The Assault on Orc Mountain

The magic word is "F**k You!"

The team was all rested up and ready to go. Their mission, given to them by the Leaders of the Fourth Imperial Legion, was to take a magical beacon into the middle of enemy territory, plant it in the enemy HQ (dubbed “Orc Mountain” by various soldiers), and teleport out while the army’s War Wizards would rain fire from the skies on it using the beacon as a target.

Fortunately, the group had a headstart, due to an old teleportation circle that the mages had created but never used due to the Orcs taking that land during one of the many back-and-forths on the front. The group were transported into the middle of the Orcish Horde, which was surging forth to meet the Legion, whose job it was to grab said Horde’s attention so that the group wouldn’t meet too much opposition.

Said opposition first took the form of a squad of goblins lead by two Orc Berserkers. The goblins and orcs were not too difficult for the group to take down, with a flurry of spells and steel bringing the group’s foes down. They then pressed on, using the melee to cover their movements.

The group was not able to escape notice of another squad of goblins, this time headed by a hobgoblin captain. The hobgoblin would prove to be a formidable foe, taking several attacks and severely hurting Miri and Norn. Nonetheless, the group was able to separate him from his flunkies and thus take him down.

The final obstacle the group faced was an Orc Shaman, accompanied by yet more goblins (one wonders why they all stayed around) and an ogre. The team was able to launch an ambush, with Miri using the ogre as a climbing wall and a pincushion at the same time. Gares and Norn moved into the enemy too, while Wizholm used his magic to harry his foes.

In the middle of the battle, though, Wizholm felt a surge of magical power. After he unleashed one of his most powerful spells, the Breath of the Grave, the deadly mist summoned by him assumed the shape of a cloaked figure, with one baleful shining eye. This avatar of the Lich King used its power to kill the Shaman by tearing its skeleton out its body and rot the ogre’s arm clean off before disappearing. This gave Miri the opening she needed to get onto the ogre’s head and end its life with a stab to the brain.

With no time to lose after the loud battle, the group planted the beacon, recited the magic code phrase (“F**k you!”), and then use a teleportation scroll that Wizholm had been given to get the hell out of dodge as a contingent of orcish warriors rushed into the encampment where they had been fighting. The group appeared on top of a tower in the Imperial Camp, which had a particularly nice view of Orc Mountain as it was pummeled by a meteor swarm summoned by the combined ritual of a group of War Wizards.

The team had successfully completed another mission, although the way that Wizholm’s magic acted was particularly troubling. Just why had an image of the Lich King appeared when it did? Only time will tell…



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