Thirteenth Cataclysm

His "Name" is Billy Blind

"I could tell you... but it would *cost* you."

After successfully preventing the opening of another Hell Hole, our heroes were blindsided by a shadowy figure kidnapping Wizholm before their very eyes. Naturally, this shit wasn’t going to stand, so the remaining three gave chase.

The chase abruptly ended when they found Wizholm and his kidnapper, Grimble Glyphweaver (who was also Wizholm’s brother) standing in front of a large boulder, acting all surly. Grimble proceeded to cause a door to open in the boulder, which lead to an office of some kind. The person inside the office invited the four to enter. They did so, with reservations.

The man inside his office introduced himself as Billy Blind, an information dealer. He mentioned that he found the four “interesting” and that he would be happy to offer his services to them. To make good on this arrangement, he even offered them some information for “free:” the new front in the Orcish Wars that they had heard about was about the get more bloody, since the Orcs planned to sneak behind enemy lines and assassinate the military leaders there.

Naturally, the group wondered where Billy Blind got his information. And, again naturally, Billy Blind gave them no clues to go on. Deciding that they couldn’t risk the information not being true, the group headed out to go and stop the assassination plot. Before they left, Grimble gave Wizholm a staff that he had found in the wreckage of their childhood home; some part of Grimble still cared about his older brother.

Fortunately, the horses that the group had used were rested up in the time it took for the group to battle demons and meet a shady information dealer, so they were off towards the front. They eventually came across a large expanse of land which the Imperial Army had marched through. They also heard the howl of a Warg, which they figured was a part of the group of assassins they were here to stop. They found a rocky outcropping which they figured was as good terrain as any to stop the plot.

The assassins, it turned out, were a small pack of gnolls accompanied by a trained warg. The battle was intense: an assault by the gnolls and the warg quickly overwhelmed Norn’s defenses, causing the dwarven hero to collapse near death’s door. Fortunately, the remaining heroes were able to clear out the enemies, with Wizholm unleashing necromantic frost, Noleg furiously bisecting anything that got in his way, and Miri displaying her new talent for turning her arms into chainsaws, a trick which cause the warg to die a little inside and a lot outside. Norn also rejoined the fight by calling upon the spirit of his heroic ancestor, the Champion, bane of orckind.

When the battle turned against them, the gnolls attempted to flee. The pack leader almost escaped, but an excellent javelin throw by Noleg left him pinned to a tree with a spear through his brain. The group decided that their best move would be to join up with the main army to plan their next move, and so they quickly followed the army’s tracks after catching their breaths.

In the Imperial Army camp, the group found themselves greeted by Captain Chuckman, who quickly brought them to the leaders of the Imperial Regiment; Captain Adrian, High Wizard Rowan, and Lord Shalefire. The leadership was mostly surprised by the fact that the Orcs were employing more subtle tactics like this (though Shalefire did point out that the Orcs had used a similar tactic in the Dwarven Front of the Orcish Wars). The group then left to earn a much-needed rest, getting their wounds patched up by clerics, good food, and a little shut-eye.

A war council was held after said rest, in which the party suggested that they give the Orcs a taste of their own medicine and kill of their leaders. Rowan mentioned that the War Wizards under his command did know a ritual that would unleash meteoric magic upon a designated target, but they would need someone to designate the target. Naturally, the group volunteered to do this (more or less, anyway). The group was given suits of magic armor in preparation for this most important mission. If they could pull it off, then the Orcish Legion on this front might fold entirely…



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