Undead army 1920x1080

From lowly zombies, to spooky scary skeletons, to the Lich King himself, the undead are a threat that have existed for all ages of the world, and likely before recorded history too. Some undead arise as a result of a powerful grudge that a person had before death, others are created by forbidden magic, but all of them possess a hatred of those who are alive. Even the seemingly mindless undead prefer to attack living creatures if they have no one commanding them.

Varieties of Undead

Icon Relationships: All necromancy magic is built on the theories that were pioneered by the Wizard King. He’s furthered said theories in the centuries since he arose as the world’s first Lich. Most necromancers and free-willed undead pledge their loyalty to the One-Eyed King, but of course this isn’t always the case.


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