The Infernal Crusade


The rise of various demon-fighting organizations during the 12th Age is well-documented. But these organizations were not big or organized enough to staunch the tide of demons coming from the Abyss. For while the Gold Wyrm was able to keep Archdemons from emerging from hell, their followers were still able to arrive in the world and wreak havoc.

That changed when the Infernal Crusade arrived. It was started by the tiefling who would come to be known as the Crusader, and it changed the way demons were fought. This was mainly due to the fact that the Crusader eschewed morality in the pursuit of wiping demons from the face of the Earth.

The Infernal Crusade is so named because the warriors within it attempt to emulate the very beings they’re trying to destroy. Armor worn by infernal crusaders tends to go for the extra intimidation factor; it’s black and red, with spikes and stylized demon faces worked into the helms.

While the crusade’s methods are effective, they’re also controversial. The Crusader has no problems with burning cities down if he feels that they’ve become infected, and he’s been known to have groups of his soldiers raid caravans which he believes carry demon-worshippers. This has caused conflict with the Dragon Empire, but because both groups want the same thing in the end, they coexist for now. Of course, if the Empire’s war with the Orc Lord ended, or the Crusader believed that a Hell-Hole would open up in Axis, this relationship could change very quickly.

A List of the Troops in the Infernal Crusade

Icon Relationships: Members of the Infernal Crusade swear oaths to the Crusader and to Bane, the god whom he worships. Most are fanatically loyal and will fight to the death at the Crusader’s command. Fortunately for almost everyone else, those fights to the death tend to be with demons. This, of course, brings them into conflict with the Diabolist and the people loyal to her.

The Infernal Crusade

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