Religion and Spirituality

Religion in the world has always been kind of a touchy subject. Despite the presence of fantastic powers and fearsome beasts, a being that could truly be called a God has never been seen. There have been those who have claimed that lofty title, but just as often their delusions of grandeur have paved the way for their downfall.

Nonetheless, there is evidence that beings such as Gods exist. After all, the divine magic used by Clerics and Paladins is fundamentally different from the spells employed by Wizards and Bards. The Archmage can mathematically prove that pulling a person’s soul from the afterlife into the world of the living requires so much mana that even he could not do so, and yet recorded history has shown that the most powerful Clerics can indeed perform this impossible feat. And it is also true that without faith in a higher power, these magics cease to function. But is it really the favor of the Gods that powers the magic of Clerics, or is it all in their heads? No one has definitively proved one theory or the other true.

At any rate, there are many faiths that exist throughout the world. Some faiths exist alongside each other peacefully, while others seem fated to clash for eternity. Fortunately, since the ascendence of the Priestess the latter situation has mostly disappeared.

Faiths of the World
Pantheon of the Seven Cities
Dwarven Worship
Elven Spirituality
Lizardling Religion

Religion and Spirituality

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