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Despite all of their power, Icons aren’t Gods. Some fall to old age, or die violent deaths, or just disappear. Here are a few of the Icons of bygone eras.

Emperor Previous Emperors: Septimus Draco is the seventh man who has held the title of Emperor of the Dragon Empire. Each Emperor before him was a strong ruler who helped build the Empire into the large civilization it is today. The first Emperor, Primus Draco, is of course considered the founding father of the Dragon Empire and the ideal to which all other Dragon Emperors aspire to surpass.

Dwarf kingPrevious Dwarf Kings: The title of Dwarf King arose in the 3rd Age when the Dwarven Empire was at its peak. While that Empire itself is gone today, the title remains, a title to which most dwarves swear allegiance. It should be noted that there have been Dwarf Queens in the past, too.

Elf queenPrevious Elf Queens: While it is hard to believe, there were previous elven monarchs that ruled before the Queen ruling today. None of them were quite as long-lived as the current Queen, though. Previous Elf Monarchs tended to favor one race of elves over the others; for example. the Dark Elves basically ran the show during the Second Age, while the High Elves were dominant in the Fifth Age.

Orc lord Previous Orc Lords: Previous Orc Lords have rampaged against civilization before, striking down armies before being killed themselves. There have been 3 before the 13th Age.

  • The First Orc Lord lived during the 1st Age, and brought down the Wizard King’s Realm. He was only killed after the Wizard King returned from death as the Lich King. Even then, he was only killed because the Lich King weakened him first by sending The White, which he had enslaved, to fight him first.
  • The Second Orc Lord arose during the 4th Age, and nearly caused the extinction of the Dwarves. He was finally killed in a one-on-one duel with The Champion, a powerful Dwarven Icon.
  • The Third Orc Lord conquered large swaths of land during the 6th Age, and began to build an Empire. His efforts were cut short when The Four (this was an age before the Green had been ensorcelled) combined their might to strike at the Orcish Capitol. In the end, even the mightest of Orcs couldn’t withstand the overwhelming power of four ancient dragons working in concert with each other.

Diabolist The First Diabolist: Originally the ruler of the Barony of Blades, a small piece of land in the South, the Baron of Blades was a prodigy in the magical fields of summoning and binding. Those magics allowed him to turn his entire holdings into one gigantic portal into Hell, a portal known now as the Abyss. When demons began to clamber out of the portal, he then used his powerful magics to bind them to his will. Though not all demons followed his commands, the Diabolist commanded an army powerful enough to send North and conquer an empire of his own. His forces were eventually beat back by the iconic heroes that arose during that age, along with a contingent of metallic dragons. His final battle was in Bladehold, the Fortress he’d constructed on the edge of the Abyss, where he faced down the Demonslayer. He mortally wounded the Demonslayer, but the battle weakened him enough that he lost control of the demon lords he was controlling. They then turned on him and dragged him into the Abyss. No one has seen or heard from him since, though he did leave behind an impressive collection of writings on the subject of demonology and binding.

ChampionThe Champion: Originally a dwarven hero by the name of Steelfist, the Champion arose during a time of great strife, when dwarven civilization was almost overrun by that era’s Orc Lord. Steelfist became a powerful warrior, and he singlehandedly turned the tide of many battles with the aid of his mighty axe Glaezentorg. The Champion’s final battle was against the Orc Lord himself; the battle ended in the Orc Lord’s death, although the Champion had sustained mortal wounds during the battle and died not long afterward. Steelfist’s accomplishments earned him a diefic place in Dwarven history; his family also produced several other great heroes of Dwarven legend. Some of the more well-known ones are:
Dragonslayer The Dragonslayer: Zala Steelfist lived during the Seventh Age, when dragons ruled the world. She was one of the leaders of the rebellion that eventually ousted the dragons, and killed so many that she became iconic for doing so.
Avenger The Avenger: Gram Steelfist watched his father being torn apart by demons, and swore to eradicate their kind from the world. His singlehanded devotion to slaying the wretched things in the name of revenge earned him the iconic title of Avenger.

EvokerThe Evoker: Wizholm Firehands is probably the most famous gnome in history. He lived during the 8th Age, and was renowned for reclaiming many magical secrets that the Dragon Overlords had hidden from the mortals of the world. He mastered many destructive magic spells, including fireballs that could burn Red Dragons to death and acid that could melt entire draconic armies.

ExaltThe Exalt: Temen Lightring was one of the first Aasimar to walk the Earth, and his shining halo became a beacon that rallied nations to repel the demonic invaders during the Tenth Age. There are stories that Temen was the only heroic icon to survive the Demon War; it’s said that after the battle’s end, he disappeared into the Northern Wilderness. Many Aasimar today, including the Priestess, claim to be descended from the Exalt.

DemonslayerThe Demonslayer: Zarkis is the reason that tieflings are accepted by most societies. A tiefling himself, born of a mother raped by demons, Zarkis would go on to use his infernal gifts to combat those very same creatures. It is said that Zarkis displayed some limited control over demons, which he used to force said demons to kill themselves (or at least to slow them down before he would decapitate them himself). Zarkis, and the tieflings who followed him, were instrumental in driving the demons back into the abyss, though Zarkis sustained mortal wounds during the final battle of the demon war in which he fought the Diabolist personally. His sacrifice earned him the iconic title of Demonslayer.

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