Owlbears are odd creatures, to say the least. One wouldn’t expect the fusion of a owl and a bear to be more threatening than a regular bear would be, and yet they somehow are. To most people, anyway.

The story of their creation is a cautionary tale told to young mages when they first start to learn magic. The story goes that one night, a wizard got drunk. Like, really drunk. He then took a bet that he couldn’t make bears scarier. The next morning, he was found mauled in his room, and his creations escaped into the wild (divinations did reveal that an Owlbear was, in fact, the killer).

Owlbears tend to stay in mated pairs once they reach maturity. Fortunately, they tend to stay far from civilization. Some are captured to place in zoos, or for use as opponents in gladiatorial matches.

Icon Relationships: Despite their unnatural origins, Owlbears happen to be a favorite animal of the High Druid. No one is really sure why.


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