Lizardlings are the favored servants of dragons. Sure, kobolds are sycophantic and keep the horde clean, but no one deals with situations like a group of lizardlings. The lizardlings, for the most part, are willing servants of the Chromatic Dragons. Their entire religion revolves around worshipping dragons as living gods, a view that dragons do nothing to dissuade. Interestingly enough, said religion also paints Metallic Dragons as evil gods who wish to tear the world asunder; again, a viewpoint that Chromatics do nothing to change.

Lizardlings can be very adept at a number of roles. Individuals in a lizardling tribe will learn skirmishing, front-line fighting, even magic. Lizardlings view arcane magic as a gift from their gods (it often literally is), and as such view others using magic as blasphemers who stole their magical talents.

Icon Relationships: Almost all lizardling tribes venerate The Three as the most supreme of the Gods. Some don’t, but they’re few and far between.


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