Exotic beasts from bygone ages, Dinosaurs are reptilian creatures that are found on several islands off of the Dragon Empire’s Eastern Coast. The come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the tiny compsognathus to the mighty apatosaurus.

However, due to their wildness, their importation into the Empire is strictly regulated, mainly because of an outbreak of velociraptor attacks in the capitol back during the reign of Draco Quadricus. Dinosaur smuggling still occurs, though, because some nobles just like having this exotic beasts around.

Varieties of Dinosaur

Icon Relationship: Some dinosaurs are located on estates of people who nominally swear allegiance to the Emperor. Additionally, several followers of the High Druid also employ them as “attack dogs”, mainly those who live on the Eastern Coast. Most other icons who would use them as warbeasts don’t bother, considering how expensive it is to transport them from their island homes.


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