Evil exists in all kinds of forms. There’s the elf who won’t hire a dwarf due to ugly prejudice. There’s the robbers who break into a store and kill some of the customers there in the name of unchecked greed. There’s the rulers of nations who funnel tax money into their pockets and declare wars on faulty premises.

And then there’s demons.

Demons originate in a separate plane of existence known colloquially as Hell. Some scholars have a fancy name for it, but no one really remembers what it is since Hell adequately describes what it is. Very few people alive have actually seen Hell and lived to tell about it. The Crusader is one of them; he led a military expedition into the place, only to retreat a week later with most of the forces he had rallied either KIA or MIA.

Anyway, demons themselves seem to hate our existence, and want to tear it down. Destruction seems to be woven into the very fabric of their existence. A demon’s ultimate goal, whether they go about it insidiously or with lots of explosions, is to kill as many mortals as possible. This makes it all the more difficult to understand why some mortals willingly traffick with them.

They do have their reasons of course. Some demons offer pacts of power to mortals who swear their souls to them (no one knows yet why demons desire human souls. It’s probably a scary reason). Some believe that they have enough power to impose their will upon demons, as the first Diabolist was said to have done (these people seem to forget that said Icon was actually killed when the demons he thought he had controlled dragged him into the Abyss). And some are nihilists, who want to end the world just because.

Demon Varieties the Party’s Encountered So Far
Rage Demons

Archdemons that the Party Knows About
Zolumaq the Inferno

Icon Relationships: When one thinks about demons, the Diabolist tends to come to mind. This age’s Diabolist doesn’t appear to be as megalomaniacal as the 10th Age Icon whose title she stole, fortunately enough. This is good, since some reports say that this age’s Orc Lord may be employing some demons in his horde alongside whatever other monster’s he’s gathered.


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