Chromatic Dragons


Chromatic Dragons are the classic fairytale bad guy, a trope they tend to embrace with both claws. Dragons are an arrogant, greedy, and vindictive bunch, and they have good reason to be. After all, most of the humanoid races couldn’t even hope to even scratch a dragon’s hide, and they tend to die in droves a dragon so much as breathes on them. Most dragons know, intellectually, that some of their kind has fallen to the swords and spells of mortal heroes, but they tend to think of that as a thing that happens to other, stupider dragons.

Chromatic Dragon Varieties
Blue Dragons

Icon Relationships: Most chromatic dragons tend to have a relationship of some kind with The Three. Whether they’re working under them or working to supplant them, The Three provide a bar that all dragons try to measure up to. That doesn’t preclude some chromatic dragons from working for other icons, if they think it will greatly increase the size of their horde.

Chromatic Dragons

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