Staff of the Elements

Pulled From the Wreckage of the Glyphweaver House


Staff (Magical Implement)

Attack Bonus: Any attack spell made using the Staff of Elements gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage.

Elemental Channel: This power can be invoked when the user rolls on the Random Element Table. He rolls 2 d4s, and picks the result he likes better. (Recharge 6+)


History: As an old wizarding family, the Glyphweavers possessed numerous items of arcane power before their deaths at the hands of a necromancer cult. While most of these items have since been stolen, this staff was somehow passed over. It was eventually found by Grimble Glyphweaver, who had been searching the ruins of his home. He later gave it to his older brother, with the hope that it might be of some use to him.

Personality: The staff appears to be very shy, to the point where it’s hard to hear it speak even though it communicates via telepathy. Perhaps this will change at some point.

Owner: Wizholm Glyphweaver

Staff of the Elements

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