Magic Chainmail

Not quite a chainsaw, but still handy.


Chainmail (Heavy Armor)

Defense Bonus: The wearer gains a +1 bonus to AC


History: The chainmail produced for the Imperial Army’s elite infantry corps has made them some of the deadliest warriors around. A squad of soldiers decked out in enchanted chainmail can be very difficult to kill, especially after they start going after you with their blades and javelins. Said corps tend to be rare, though, since the cost of making more than a few of these sets of armor tend to be high.

Personality: This armor possesses a stiff detachedness. It seems like it prefers to watch battles without commenting on them. Still, the winner can feel a faint sense of satisfaction at the end of a battle that they’ve survived.

Owner: Mirriam Oslance

Magic Chainmail

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