Ancestral Weapon of the Steelfists

weapon (melee)

Battleaxe (1-Handed Martial Weapon)

Attack Bonus: Any melee attack made using Glaezentorg gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage.

Steelfist Heritage: Any attack magic cast when holding Glaezentorg gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage.


History: The personal weapon of Steelfist, better known as the Champion, Glaezentorg was used in many battles by those of that hero’s family. However, sometime during the 7th Age, the axe became corrupted somehow, inspiring such bloodlust in its user that they couldn’t tell friend from foe. The Dwarf King of that Age decided to seal the Axe in the Treasure Vault of Forge, because of the high dwarven body count whenever the axe was used.

During the 13th Age, the Dwarf King decided to have the Axe examined by Imperial Researchers in the Boltstrike Pillar, although that ended badly for the pillar after Stonehammer, a worshipper of Steelfist, decided to try and control the axe’s curse himself through a bloody ritual. Due to the interference of the group, the axe’s curse instead suffused his body, leaving the axe uncursed.

Personality: Although it is still no longer the bloodthirsty butcher it once was, Glaezentorg is still a weapon of war. It prefers, however, to fight the enemies of dwarvenkind (primarily orcs and demons). When used for this purpose, its wielder can hear old dwarven war chants in his mind as he fights.

Owner: Norn Steelfist


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