Freethought, the Mind-Warder

No mind control; Not now, not ever!



Default Bonus: Whoever wears this amulet gets a +1 bonus to saving throws when at 25 HP or fewer.

Mind Warding: Whoever wears this amulet has Resist Psychic 16+. Any enemy who makes an attack that would control the wearer’s actions must roll twice and use the worst result.


History: Mind-controlling magic is strictly outlawed within the Dragon Empire, and with good reason. Nonetheless, there are unscrupulous types who still use it in this day and age for their own sinister agendas. As such, these amulets were created to help protect the minds of VIPs from this form of attack. The original design was made by Cognacious Glyphweaver, a contemporary of the first Archmage, and they’ve been refined since then to help protect against a variety of mind-affecting attacks.

Personality: Freethought is a very paranoid amulet. It is instinctively wary of anyone who talks to its owner. It prefers to deal with whatever causes this paranoia by insisting that its owner kill the cause. It will eventually accept that there are some others that are trustworthy… eventually. It primarily communicates through projecting these emotions into its owner’s brain.

Owner: Wizhold Glyphweaver

Freethought, the Mind-Warder

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