Dragonscale Cloak


Dragon’s Mantle: The person wearing this cloak gets Resist Lightning 16+

Wings of the Dragon: Once per day, the person wearing this cloak can cause it to shapeshift into a pair of Dragon’s Wings, giving them the ability to fly. The wings don’t last long, usually around 5-10 minutes at most, before changing back into a cloak again.


History: Dragonscale Cloaks are a rather rare commodity, considering how hard it can be to take a dragon down. This particular cloak is one of two, crafted from the scales of the Blue Dragon that attacked Boltstrike Pillar and enchanted by one of the few mages that managed to survive the attack. The other cloak that was crafted was given to the Emperor on his birthday

Personality: An echo of the Dragon’s ego remains, weaved into very fabric of the cloak. The wearer can often hear growling and hissing. When the cloak shapeshifts into wings, the dragon’s personality becomes amplified, and it screams and curses at the wielder as he uses powers that the cloak believes don’t belong to him.

Owner: “Sir” Gares Noleg

Dragonscale Cloak

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