Adaraptus the Bloody

Shapeshifting, bloodthirsty blade.

weapon (melee)

Short Sword (1-Handed Martial Weapon)

Attack Bonus: Any melee attack made using Adaraptus gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage.

Shapeshifting: Adaraptus can assuming the shape of any melee or throwing weapon the user desires as a quick action. Said weapons tend to favor function over form; Adaraptus likes blood, and doesn’t care what shape it has to be in to see it.


History: Adaraptus is a weapon that shows up on the fringes of legends. Scholars claim that any number of weapons throughout history could have been Adaraptus. One story says that the weapon first belonged to the First Orc Lord, and was the weapon that put out the Wizard King’s eye. Another says that Adaraptus belonged to any number of Dragonslayers during the 8th Age, with one account stating that Zala Steelfist picked the weapon up after she abandoned Glaezentorg due to the axe’s bloodlust curse.

All these accounts aren’t very reliable, of course. The only real knowledge of the weapon is that it was found in the lair of the Black Dragon that Septimus Draco killed. The weapon was claimed by the soldier who found it, one Sergeant Terrence Boll. Boll would later retire from the army and become the gladiator known as Hogan. He used Adaraptus in many successful championship fights until it was won from him in a match with Gares Noleg.

Personality: Most magic weapons enjoy being used for battle. Not Adaraptus. Adaraptus LOVES battle. Adaraptus LIVES battle. It, in fact, went catatonic after being stored for many long, boring years in a dragon’s horde, and seemed to have lost most of its power. As such, it seems even more eager to taste blood than before, so that it can regain the strength it once hand. Adaraptus communicates with its wielder through images projected directly into the wielder’s mind. Those images mostly concern how Adaraptus thinks the enemy before its wielder can best be taken down. The weapon also seems to have limited ability to read its wielder’s mind as well. It will instantly assume any form the wielder desires, even before the wielder is capable of realizing that desire.

Owner: Gares Noleg

Adaraptus the Bloody

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