Wizholm Glyphweaver

"I'm running for my life--I mean, unlife--I mean--what am I again?"


Level 4 Gnome Sorcerer

20 GP

STR 8 (-1), CON 15 (2), DEX 15 (2), INT 16 (3), WIS 12 (1), CHA 17 (3)

Initiative +6, Max HP 48, Recoveries 8, RR 4d6 plus 2

AC 16, PD 15, MD 15

Basic Melee Attack: +3 to hit, 4d6 minus 1 damage, 4 damage on miss

OUT: The only being of his kind—neither alive nor undead

Icon Relationships: Archmage +1, Prince of Shadows ~1, Lich King -1

Aura of Unspeakable Power +3 (social)
Student of the Wizard King +3 (knowledge of Wizard King/Lich King)
Minored in Illusions, Majored in Ass-Kicking +4

Racial Powers: Confounding, Minor Illusions

Powers: Breath of the Grave (daily, 5d6), Blur (Wizard, daily, quick action), Chaos Bolt (at will, 3d8), Lightning Fork (recharge, 7d6), Resist Energy (recharge), Scorching Ray (at-will; 3d6 initial, 2d4 ongoing), Shield (Wizard, at will, +2 AC bonus)

Talents: Arcane Heritage, Sorcerer’s Familiar, Undead Remnant Heritage

Feats: Resist Energy (Adventurer—cast on two people instead of one), Shield (Adv—choose between two atk rolls made against you), Ritual Casting (Adv—cast spells you know as rituals), Lightning Fork (Adv—once per battle, reroll one of your lightning fork attacks)

Equipment: Staff of the Elements +1, War Wizard’s Robes +1, Spellbook, Lots of Scrolls, Dragon Tooth Necklace


Born into a wizarding family and named after the famous Evoker, Wizholm Glyphweaver was believed to be destined for greatness. Oh, he was hardly the heroic type, but he would continue the proud Glyphweaver tradition of graduating college with a minor in illusions and a major in butt-kicking. His life was anything but easy as a result; he and his younger brother, Grimble, constantly struggled to gain their domineering parents’ favor. Though Wizholm disliked the pressure to compete for good grades, he dutifully left his hometown behind for wizarding school and gained top honors. He even cultivated a lively sense of humor that endeared him to the otherwise-ruthless academic world. It was only after that day that his life would spiral down into despair…

As he returned to his birthplace with his parents, they told him that Grimble had left home to join a regional thieves’ guild and make his own way free from their control. Upon their arrival, the three Glyphweavers were greeted only with the stench of dead flesh advancing toward them. The town was deserted save for the advancing horde of necromancers and undead thralls, and with no other help, even the Glyphweaver family fell in battle. The chief necromancer left Mr. and Mrs. Glyphweaver as rations for the cannibalistic undead, knowing that their souls had too much arcane strength. Even his next plan failed—he gathered his followers to raise Wizholm to “undeath”, but the ritual went horribly awry for them as Wizholm became something new and unusual. The young wizard was neither undead nor alive—he had unnatural new powers and an unsettling aura but no craving to serve a master or feast on living matter. He also came into his Evoker spells at this time, for it turned out that he was descended from Wizholm Firehands himself. He made short work of the assorted undead, but the necromancers did nothing to oppose him and just slowly walked away. Confused, grieving, and guilt-ridden, Wizholm aimlessly wandered around the gnomish homeland and kept to himself.

His luck only worsened when he crossed paths with his brother, now a high-ranking thief with connections to the Prince of Shadows himself. The Prince learned of the necromancers’ failed ritual through a network of rangers and rogues in the area, and he coveted the knowledge of how to replicate the process. As it was an accident, Wizholm could not have answered the Prince’s agents satisfactorily even if he had wanted to do so, and in any case, Grimble Glyphweaver was the wrong person to ask him. Wizholm promptly tore through Grimble’s underlings and told him to leave him alone, beginning a long chase between the siblings that remains unresolved.

After a month of being on the run, Wizholm found some of his old colleagues who told him of a great opportunity to reenter the academic community. A chance to transport and restore a cursed weapon seemed like too good of an opportunity for the young gnome to miss, and he also longed to see some of his classmates and teachers again. His journey was initially complicated by a goblin assault (thought to be backed by the Lich King), but four other adventurers—including an old acquaintance, Norn Steelfist the cleric—came to his aid. They later fought agents of the Three, among them a dwarven turncoat named Stonehammer who slaughtered one of Wizholm’s professors along with other researchers at Boltstrike Pillar. Though most of the attackers are dead, Wizholm now has a personal grudge to settle against the chromatic dragon menace…

Wizholm Glyphweaver

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