Heretical former priest of Steelfist.


Stonehammer was once a priest of Steelfist, who claimed to be one of the great dwarf hero’s descendants (though the veracity of that claim is suspect at best). However, he soon began to see the Dwarven Civilization as entering an irreversible decline, and so he made a compact with agents of the Three to be a spy for them. Eventually, Stonehammer was assigned to be the caretaker of Glaezentorg, Steelfist’s axe, when it was sent to Boltstrike Pillar to be tested by the wizards there.

The group got to the tower on the night that Stonehammer was instructed by the Three to perform a ritual to amplify the curse upon Glaezentorg and thus induce a berserk bloodlust in the region surrounding the tower. However, he was interrupted in the middle of his ritual when Wizholm Glyphweaver unleashed his full magical might and killed the traitor with a single Acid Arrow.

This wasn’t the end of Stonehammer, unfortunately. The unfinished energy of the curse manifested itself in his melted body, resurrecting him as a draconic mutant. The transformed Stonehammer battled Norn, but was driven off. As he flew into the night, he swore that he would meet the group again and kill them all.

The group next met Stonehammer after he had stolen the Shield of Steelfist after slaughtering a caravan of dwarves to obtain it. Stonehammer displayed a talent for summoning demons during that fight, but he was struck down in the ensuing battle. Stonehammer’s body melted into goop after his apparent death, and the group wasn’t quite sure if he was gone for good or just faking it.


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