Norn Steelfist

Last of the Great Dwarf Heroes


Level 1

STR 16 (3), CON 14 (2), DEX 12 (1), INT 14 (2), WIS 16 (3), CHA 8 (-1)

Init 2, Max HP 27, Recoveries 8, RR 1d8+2

AC 19, PD 14, MD 14

Basic Melee Attack: 5 to hit, 1d8+4 damage, 1 damage on miss

Icon Relationships: Dwarf King +1, Lich King ~1, Orc Lord -1

Archaeologist +2
Dwarven Historian +3
Heroic Bloodline +3
Priest of Steelfist +2
Veteran +2

Racial Power: “That’s Your Best Shot?”

Powers: Heal, Javelin of Faith, Bless, Hammer of Faith, Shield of Faith, Spirits of the Righteous

Talents: Lore Domain, Strength Domain, War Domain

Feats: Lore Domain (Adventurer), Heal (Adventurer)

Equipment: Glazentorg (+1 Dwarven War Axe), Dwarven Plate Armor, Kite Shield with Holy Symbol, Lots of Blank Scrolls


Norn Steelfist grew up in the barracks of the Dwarven army of Forge, left at its stoop after his mother died in childbirth and his father, broken-hearted, followed her soon afterward. He was trained in the art of warfare and in the worship of Steelfist (otherwise known as the Champion), the greatest hero the dwarves had ever known. Upon entering the battlefield, Norn found himself quickly promoted higher and higher through the rankings as he deftly led squads out of danger and into victory.

One day, after successfully fending off an Orcish siege of the gates of Forge, Norn was told to come to the throne of the Dwarf King. Upon entering, the King revealed to him his true identity: The last remaining blood descendant of Steelfist. No other family had proven themselves to be comprised of the mettle of the Steelfists, making him the last of the great dwarf heroes.

Norn made a resolution that day: To either continue the legacy of Steelfist, or to eliminate all threats to the Dwarves so there would never be the need for another hero again. His recent acquisition of the purified Glazentorg from the traitorous Stonehammer has only deepend his resolve, and he will not stop until his quest is completed.

Norn Steelfist

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