"Sir" Gares Noleg

A barbarian turned Emperor's agent. He's heard all the jokes.


“Sir” Gares Noleg
Race: Aasimar
Class: Barbarian
Current Level: 3 (with incremental advance)

STR: 16 (3/6)
CON: 14 (2/5)
DEX: 14 (2/5)
INT: 14 (2/5)
WIS: 14 (2/5)
CHA: 9 (?/?)

Defenses: AC: 17 PD: 15 MD: 14
HP: 45/45 8 Recoveries Max Recovery Roll: 1d10+2

Basic Attacks:
Melee 5 3d103 2 miss damage
Ranged 3 3d63

Special Abilities:

Racial Power: Halo
Powers/Spells: Barbarian Rage
Talents: Barbarian Cleave, Unstoppable, Whirlwind
Feats: Whirlwind (Adventurer), Unstoppable (Adventurer), Barbarian Cleave (Adventurer)

Icon Relationships:
P1 Emperor
C1 Orc Lord
N1 The Three

Tribal Living 5
Emperor’s Agent 3

Magic Items: Dragonscale Cloak, Magic Brigadine

One Unique Thing:
“The Emperor’s personal bounty hunter-specializing in wilderness tracking”


Gares Noleg was born into one of the tribes that lurked in the north. His life was uneventful, save for his birth, as his parents had a celestial being or two some where in the family tree, and the power inherent in that lineage manifested in the child. This is most intriguing, given that the tribe as a whole held a positive, if wary view of the dreaded Orc Lords of old, for the tribe respected strength, especially that of physical might and unending fury. As such they held the Dragon Empire with a mix of contempt and awe, for in their view civilization weakened its members, suppressing their fury and thus making its holders weak and soft before the wilds. And yet the empire held, standing firm against the marauding tribes, orc clans, and great dragons.

For much of his life, Gares held the views of his tribe, until the year after he had passed the tribal rituals of adulthood, when an otherwise overlooked incident occurred. He was out hunting on his own that day, and was returning home with his kills, when he passed the final shrub that obscured the view of his village, and beheld a ruin in its place. Scattered amongst the bodies of his family and fellow warriors and tribe mates were the bodies of lizard kin, bearing the mark of the Three, branded upon their chests, along with the mark of one of the more well known dragons in the area. The numbers of the lizardkin corpses testified to the furious defense mounted by the tribe, but so far as Gares could tell, not a single member of his kin survived. Furthermore there were signs that the dragon had attacked personally.

Taking only his sword from the ruins of his home, Noleg left his home behind, swearing revenge upon the drake, though he did not expect to return. And indeed he may not have been able to tell this story if he had not gotten lost in the woods, and literally stumbled into the camp of some imperial knights. Though now love was lost between the tribes and the empire, the knight commander listened to the young barbarian’s story, and offered his aid. This is less surprising than one would think if you have heard of that particular dragon predations upon several communities within the imperial borders. The Emperor had in fact dispatched the knights to … chastise the dragon, and the commander felt there was no reason that Noleg could not come along, given his quest for revenge.

Though Gares was dubious of the knights aid (the total numbers being much less than his slaughtered tribe) he went along with the knights, learning their ways and hearing their stories, and having his views changed all the while. This cumulated with the knight commander risking his life to save Noleg during the final battle, and ultimately letting Gares make the final blow. When it came time for the knights and Gares to part ways, Noleg knelt down, and pledged a debt of honor to the empire, submitting himself to a life of servitude to the emperor.

For the next five years he was tutored in the ways of civilization and the law, and gained the favor of the emperor for his dogged pursuit of a murderous bandit, his fury and tracking skills allowing him to overcome the fugitive. Gares was eventually inducted into the emperors bounty hunters, as a specialist in wilderness tracking, and was given an honorary knighthood (hence the “sir” always being in quotation marks) as well as a crash course in nobility (which included veiled insults and slurs on his tribal heritage, which explains “Sir” Gares’ unabiding loathing for upper class gatherings) and paperwork (which “Sir” Noleg views as a necessary evil at best). To this day “Sir” Gares Noleg holds to his debt, serving as one of the empires bounty hunters. As of the raid on Boltstrike Pillar, his service has led him to join a small group of adventurers, and allowed him to aid in the slaying of another servant of the Three.

Trivia/Other Facts: While Noleg’s views were the same as his village before it was destroyed, his time in service to the emperor (and maybe some influence of his aasimar heritage) have moderated those views, so that now he believes that, while strength is good, there are many kinds of strength, not just that of of physical might, but also cunning, will, mind and others.

If he feels that an ally has a personal grudge against an opponent, then he will let that person get the final blow in.

"Sir" Gares Noleg

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