Thirteenth Cataclysm

The Fleetwood Conspiracy

More exciting than a Box'O'Raptors.

Following their success in crippling the leadership of an Orcish legion, our heroes were invited to the Imperial Capitol of Axis to participate in the Founder’s Day Parade, where their contribution of the war effort would be formally acknowledged. But, of course, there is always more to be done.

A week before the parade was set to start, “Sir” Gares Noleg was called in to the Hunter’s Office, accompanied by the other three because they had nothing better to do. He was met by the head of Imperial Hunter’s Bureau, Sir Bjorn Banehammer, a tough old dwarf. Banehammer had called in Noleg specifically because the brother of a noble he had killed, Mackenzie Fleetwood, looked like he was up to no good. He was, among other things, smuggling dinosaurs into his private estate.

Considering that his brother had been killed on demon-summoning charges, the group decided to resolve this as quickly as possible. Noleg visited his various sources in the city, and a worker at Axis’s Airship Dock, who owed him a few favors, mentioned that Fleetwood’s house guard came to the docks to oversee mysterious shipments every few weeks. And one of those shipments was arriving tonight (fortunately enough).

Deciding to be slightly more stealthy than they usually were, the group laid an ambush for the guards. Noleg disguised himself as a dock worker (after advising all the other workers to turn in early for the night), Miri pretended to be a hobo (not that difficult for a self-proclaimed vagabond), and Norn and Wizholm found conveniently-sized boxes to hide behind.

That night, an airship brought a shipment of raptors in a box, just as expected. The house guards went to pick it up, and group intervened. The battle was short and brutal, with one of the guards getting most of his teeth knocked out before being killed and another getting tossed around like a throwing weapon. The head guard himself, one Jack Lewis, got beaten unconscious by Noleg.

The last guard, a new recruit named Hank Hapless, tried fighting Norn before giving up. The dwarf gave him some gold pieces to start his life over. Grateful for a second chance, Hank gave the team the location of the secret passage that Fleetwood used to smuggle dinosaurs into his estate. Noleg then decided that the group’s best bet was to impersonate the guards, and so the group entered Fleetwood’s mansion carrying the box’o’raptors.

Leaving the box behind, the group ascended to the foyer, where they were trapped by a magical barrier. Fleetwood revealed himself, having guessed that Noleg was going to be coming after him soon. He then revealed that his goal for luring Noleg into the mansion was revenge; the other three heroes were collateral in his personal fued. Finally, Fleetwood summoned the means by which he would get his revenge.

The good news was that he wasn’t summoning demons. The bad was that Fleetwood had apparently entered some kind of agreement with the Lich King. He summoned several phantoms made out of soulfire, including one that was clad in black armor and wielding a burning glaive. The group fought off the assault, although their first triumph over the Black Knight was short-lived after it revealed that it could possess any of the phantoms nearby if its original body was destroyed.

Finally, the phantoms were killed and the magical barrier that Fleetwood was hiding behind was about to break. However, Fleetwood was the killed, stabbed from behind by a cloaked figure that introduced himself as Baron Augustus Abbao. Noleg, still angry, tried to hurt Abbao but was pushed aside. The Baron thanked the group for helping him test the phantoms in combat, mentioned off-hand that his project was going well while looking at Wizholm, and faded away into mist, carrying with him the body of Mackenzie Fleetwood.

What any of this means is still unclear, but it probably isn’t good.


Um, GM Ryan, I think you might be laying the lampshading on a little thick here.

The Fleetwood Conspiracy

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