Thirteenth Cataclysm

The Battle of Axis

Holy crap that's a lot of icons!

The final bout in the Tournament had concluded, and the city was in chaos. Right near the heroes opened a portal, which they went inside after a little hesitation. The portal, it turned out, went straight into the headmaster’s office at the Imperial College of Mages, and the one who had summoned them there was Zurin Silver, better known as the Archmage. The Archmage told the group that the Demon Lord that the cult had been trying to unseal was actually dead, not just returned to the Abyss; Gram Steelfist had earned his status as an Icon for a reason. However, Zolumaq’s power still remained, and having it fall into the wrong hands was not a good idea. So the Archmage handed Wizholm a bottle in which to seal the dead demon’s power.

In the room also was a member of the Order of the Radiant Wing, one of the knightly orders dedicated to the Gold Wyrm and a former comrade of Miri’s. He convinced Miri to come with him to help his team stem the tide of demons that were threatening the populace. Meanwhile, the three others were teleported near an entrance to the sewers; the seal was in the heart of the volcano, and the only way to it was to get past the sewers. However, before they could enter, their way was blocked by a blue dragon who told them this: “Hello. My name is Scarizax. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

The dragon then summoned several lightning elementals to kill the team while taking to the air to scorch his foes with lightning. Gares, nonplussed, used his dragonscale cloak (made from this dragon’s dead father) to pursue the dragon into the air. Adaraptus proved its worth in the battle, the magic weapon assuming a variety of forms. Meanwhile, Norn and Wizholm were able to take down the lightning elementals with relatively little trouble, with Wizholm’s lightning resistance spell making the elemental’s attacks all but useless. Though Gares took a tumble through a building at one point as his cloak tried to sabotage his efforts, he was able to get back into the fight and slayed the dragon by cutting off its wing and then its head.

After slaying the dragon, the group made their ways into the sewers, the team came across a large hole in a pipe. Gares remembered hearing rumors that there was a secret prison around here where prisoners of war from the Orcish Wars were kept for interrogation. Wary now, the group advanced further in until they came across Dolphus and Rolphus, an ettin which looked rather tough. Wizholm stepped forward, however, and threatened the ettin with death. Both heads were freaked out, saying that Wizholm smelled like “the Vampire” and deciding to let him past lest they invoke his wrath. Ominous, to be sure, but the team had bigger fish to fry.

Finally, the group made it through the sewers and into the heart of the volcano, where they encountered the demon cult performing a ritual over a lava pit. The Cult Leader stepped forward, and faced the group himself. Though the weapons that he created out of fire hurt the team with many burn marks, they made it through intact. Wizholm scourged him with lightning and deathly cold, Gares wounded him with Adaraptus, and Norn finished the battle by summoning the spirit of his ancestor, the Avenger, to decapitate the Cult Leader and the cultists as well. Wizholm then sealed the Inferno’s power into the bottle by saying the magic incantation (“Work you sunovabitch!”).

After the fight, the group left the sewers only to be confronted by a woman. Before they could do much, the Archmage teleported next to them, telling her that she had lost the fight. The woman, revealed to be the Diabolist, agreed to leave. Before she was gone, though, Norn was able to see that she was in possession of the Cloak of Steelfist, which instantaneously put her on his shit list. Wizholm was also contacted by his brother, Grimble, who warned the gnome that the cult had apparently purchased information from Billy Blind, and that Blind had designs on the demon’s power. For what, he could not say (literally, since Grimble had a geas put on him). Wizholm also received an amulet from the Archmage which would hopefully protect him from whatever form of control that the Lich King had over him.

However, after that ominousness, the group was rejoined by Miri, who had distinguished herself for punching several hundred demons in the neck with knives. The four were then met by the Emperor himself, who said that they had gone above and beyond the call of duty. He pronounced them the Champions of Axis for their role in ending the battle and saving the day.



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